zaterdag 13 juli 2019

Dichtersbankje | Alan Alexander Milne

Foto: © Peter Bevers | Churchyard Princeton | New Yersey 
graf Christopher Florian Walson⇲

Collectie Mellendijk (keuze dichter en gedicht) voorraad Mannen van BeversA. A. Milne⇲

The End

When I was One 
I had just begun. 

When I was Two 
I was nearly new. 

When I was Three 
I was hardly me. 

When I was Four 
I was not much more. 

When I was Five 
I was just alive. 

But now I am Six; I'm as clever as clever
So I think I'll be six now forever and ever.

A.A. Milne | Winnie-the-Pooh | Now We Are Six | 1927

Inscriptie op graf: Christopher Florian Walson⇲

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