donderdag 22 november 2012

Dichtersbankje | Henk Hofstede

Foto: © Ron Scherpenisse | Hoek van Holland

Uit de collectie Mellendijk (keuze tekstdichter en vers) voorraad Scherpenisse: Henk Hofstede>

Hook of Holland

Cabin 80
Cabin 80 to way out

I am waiting
Did you see me in the crowd

Hook of Holland 6 AM
Someone shouted tell me where I am
Hook of Holland trains and boats
Someone said it's raining overcoats

See the man on
See the man on the quay

There's a girl from Switzerland
In the same compartment
Humming trains and boats and planes

On a street in Rotterdam
Back in 1952
There's a woman and a man
Black and white a photograph
Wonder if they're still alive
Wonder if they're still alive

The Nits 

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