maandag 21 november 2011

Dichtersbankje | Oscar Wilde | Eduard Vilde

Foto: © Albert Hagenaars 2011 | Vallikraavi tn 4 | Tartu | Beeld: Tiiu Kirsipuu 1999.

Uit de voorraad Hagenaars, collectie Mellendijk (keuze gedicht): Oscar Wilde en Eduard Vilde

A Vision

TWO crownèd Kings, and One that stood alone
With no green weight of laurels round his head,
But with sad eyes as one uncomforted,
And wearied with man's never-ceasing moan
For sins no bleating victim can atone,
And sweet long lips with tears and kisses fed.
Girt was he in a garment black and red,
And at his feet I marked a broken stone
Which sent up lilies, dove-like, to his knees.
Now at their sight, my heart being lit with flame 
I cried to Beatricé, 'Who are these?'
And she made answer, knowing well each name,
'Æschylos first, the second Sophokles,
And last (wide stream of tears!) Euripides.' 

© Oscar Wilde

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